Welcome to Speech Signal Processing Lab!

The objective of this lab is to provide hands on experience in processing speech signals for extraction of information for various applications. Students will learn to process their own speech and listen to the processed speech to get a feel for effects of various signal processing operations on speech signals.

Important Notes:

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  1. Manual speech signal-to-symbol transformation
  2. Speech production mechanism
  3. Nature of speech signal
  4. Basics of DSP
  5. Short-time spectrum analysis of speech
  6. Spectrographic analysis of speech
  7. Cepstral analysis of speech
  8. Linear prediction analysis of speech
  9. Formant synthesis
  10. Analysis-by-synthesis of speech
Target Audience

  • Senior undergraduate students
  • Postgraduate students
  • Research scholars

Courses Aligned
  • Speech signal processing

This virtual lab on speech signal processing is to be used as a supplement to a parallel course on the same topic. It is not designed to be a complete course/tutorial by itself where a student can learn speech signal processing just by going through the designed experiments.


Course pre-requisites

  • A course on 'Basics of DSP' or 'Signal and Systems'.

Software pre-requisites

  • Operating system: GNU/Linux, MS Windows xp and above, Mac OS 10.6 and above
  • Browser: Firefox 6+, Safari, Opera 10+
  • Browser plugins: Oracle/Sun Java JRE and plugin Version-6

Hardware pre-requisites (minimum)

  • CPU: 1 GHz
  • Memory: 1 GB
  • Audio: Sound card with recording and playback options
  • Audio: Speakers/headphones and microphone

Important Note: Some or all of the virtual labs may not work properly with Internet explorer and Google Chrome. Irrespective of the browser being used, in case some or all tabs are not visible, kindly try reloading/refreshing the page


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